Main development and documentation have moved

This plugin's code base for further development for CMS 10.0 and up has moved to Hiopp SVN at

Also, documentation for CMS 10.0 and up will be located here at our community site.

What is the Gallery Picker Plugin?

The Gallery Picker Plugin provides an "imagelink" plugin that can be added to any editing template. This allows CMS users to easily select an image from the gallery and include it in a document.


The imagelink plugin ready to be included in any editing template:

imagelink field type in template editor

Image Preview in a document:

Image Preview in editing template

Getting started

Install the Gallery Picker Plugin, and use it!

Project status

The latest version of the Gallery Picker Plugin is compatible with Hippo 7.9. Use earlier version range for previous Hippo versions. See the release notes for details.

Version Hippo CMS Suite
1.13.xx 7.9
1.11.xx 7.8, 7.7, 7.6